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 Happy Summer!!
If you’ve been any where this past week you’ll notice the increase in traffic and people.  Everyone has taken the kick-off to summer with a lot of activity!  There was a lot more people on Lower Clam Lake  this past weekend than I’ve seen all year and I the sounds of music coming from Birch Haven Bible Camp was a nice sound to here after the long winter and then there is the cars parked in the Chapel’s yard for the 6pm mass is always a welcome return..... But not as welcome as the smiling faces of these friends  Tom and Linda Glafcke, Bob and Karen Schmidt, Pete and Debbie Heineitz and Jack and Barb Cook who all are all spending  time getting their summer homes ready for summer! 
A note from Lynne Rice:
  Here is an update on the Clam Lake Community  Scholarship.  First of all, thank you to to the students that applied for our Scholarship. They were a great group of  young people. The Scholarship Committee is proud to announce that Danielle Tibbitts of Glidden is this year’s recipient. Congratulations, Danielle!
As Committee Chairperson, I wish to thank my Committee members who have made the Scholarship able to continue as effortlessly as it has. We have been doing this 14 year’s and have awarded 13 Scholarships. We can be very proud of this achievement. Thank you to: Jerry Justice, Dodo Dumanch, Jim Lambert, Georgianna Fanella and Jane Eder. Also,We all say Thank you to Lynne and they Committee for doing such a great job!
The next monthly Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday June 11th at 5pm. Meeting first Dinner to follow.
Saturday Jun 13 at 8am starts the Elk Country Atv Club  Ride to Mercer. For more info you can call Rick Guthman at 715-794-2298.....
  Until next time....be kind!!

Here's a Snippet from Lynne:

George Fairchild in 1956As you drive into Clam Lake you see a small, picturesque Park situated on the tip of the land Island that sits between Clam Lake Road and Highway 77. As with most things in Clam Lake, it has a long convoluted history. Here's it's story:

A letter was sent to George Fairchild of Chicago, IL in 1956, requesting permission to install a “modest flower plot” in the triangle bounded by Highway 77 and his property. This would be where the present Clam Lake park is, next to the Clam Lake Junction. George Fairchild was the father of Pat Paulsen of Clam Lake and grandfather to Scott Straetz of Park Falls. At that time he owned the entire island where the Junction sits now.

Here is his response:

“Your communication has been received and acknowledged. Regarding the subject matter, I will discuss this with you on my next visit to the Community.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you upon the splendid Community spirit you are showing, and upon the progress that has been made this winter by yourself and your associates, regarding the Community building.

Trusting all is well with you and yours, and wishing you and your associates the best of luck in your endeavor to make Clam Lake a bigger and better Community for all concerned.

Sincerely yours,
George Fairchild of the Building Service Employed International Union of the AFL-CIO”

Even though this letter sounds optimistic, in subsequent letters and communication the request to place a “modest flower plot” was always denied for reasons unknown. Perhaps Mr. Fairchild had a grand plan to do something with the Island without the interference of flower plots. We can only guess.

In the late 80's, with a Scenic Byway dedication wanting a place to hold their ceremony and Clam Lake wanting to be that place, once again the idea of a “modest flower plot” was brought to light.

That is when Pat Paulson stepped in and decided to override her Father and allow the Park to go in. When talking with Pat Paulson's sister Betty Pauley, this is what she had to say concerning her sister's decision. “Pat must have thought, 'I live here, he doesn't, so I will make this call. What's he going to do? Tell them to rip it out?”

Once the ok was given, it was “full steam ahead”! Thus began hours and hours of donated labor by the Clam Lake community to construct the lovely park area that sits there today.

Lea Justice told me a story of the many volunteers working past dark. In order to continue with the project, they would aim their cars at the park area and turn on all their headlights so they could see. We are talking dedication and possibly a few low car batteries!

Many people worked on the Park project and we are thankful to all of them for their contributions. It was finished just in time for the Great Divide Scenic Byway dedication in 1990. It was also the scene of the ceremony to commemorate the elk being reintroduced to our area in 1995.

Our Memorial Board with plaques of remembrance for Clam Lakers that have passed on is part of the Park, as is the Elk Kiosk established by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

George Fairchild passed away in 1991. When we look at the park we must remember him and what he ultimately gave to our community in both story and park.

When Tim and Tammy McFadden bought the land in the 90's and built the Clam Lake Junction, they donated the Park to the Clam Lake Community Club.

At long last, the “modest flower plot” was a mission accomplished!

Pictured is George Fairchild in 1956.


May 14, 2015
Regular Meeting & Potluck

 Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer at 5:14 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Carl & Jean Kubley, Bud & Julie Rubeck, Pat Dudley, Bill MacLeod, Lynne Rice, Jerry & Lea Justice, Karen & Bob Schmidt, Bob & Cindy Buryanek, Ace & Joan Griffaw, Len & Joy Heinlein, Cheryl Cofrin and Carol Plotkowski. Bob Bailey visited during bingo.
 Minutes of the April 9th minutes were read. Moved and seconded by Karen Schmidt and Pat Dudley and approved by all.
 Treasurer’s Report
  Checking account balance 4/9/15   $ 4,819.21
  Membership       10.00
  Bayfield Electric (thru 4/1)  101.30
  Bayfield Electric (thru 5/1)    98.81

  Checking account balance 5/14/15   $ 4,629.10

   Building Fund  2,596.17
   General Fund  2,032.93
   Scholarship Fund 8,914.09
The report was moved and seconded by Karen Schmidt and Pat Dudley and approved by all.
 Old Business
  Lynne Rice gave a report on the Scholarship Standing Committee from its inception to the present. Jerry Justice provided a written financial report to the treasurer which will be placed in the Scholarship file.
  The Great Divide Ambulance Service is establishing a branch station on Route 13 north of State Highway 77. Bud reported it will house two ambulances and around the clock paramedics. Clam Lake residents of Gordon and Shanagolden will have service from this location or Cable.
  Bill reported on the continuing research for a whole pig roast and will report back at next meeting.
 New Business
  Lynne Rice and Lea Justice are finalizing the memorial Camp Fire Island plaque which will be placed on the lake front in the Howard Scotfords memory. Novitzke
Funeral Home, Park Falls, is donating the memorial.
  Lynne also reported she will be featuring George Fairchild in her newspaper column.
  Picture hanging of old Clam Lake photos in the clubhouse was discussed with more input at our next meeting.
 There being no further business to conduct Bud Rubeck moved to adjourn seconded by Cheryl Cofrin at 5:40 pm.
 Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer

West Fork Waterway Association Inc.

West Fork Waterway Association Inc. is a a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization of concerned people for the preservation and protection of the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. 

WFWA Inc. is on the West Fork of the Chippewa River and includes the area from the Day Lake Dam to the Highway 77 Dam. It is located in the community of Clam Lake, Township Of Gordon Wisconsin and assists the Township of Gordon in funding expenses related to the maintenance of the Highway 77 Dam.

Click Here to Help the West Fork Waterway Association Save the Dam!

Clam Lake, Wisconsin Area Events


4th of July Fireworks Show - Sat. July 4, 2015



September - Fall Elk Bugling

Elk bugling is a special feature of the fall rut usually starting in late August and running through late September in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area. As the big bull elk prepare to attract female cows, they let out bellows, which range from deep tones to high-pitch squeals to grunts. On fall nights in the Chequamegon National Forest around Clam Lake, Wisconsin, the distinctive sounds of elk rutting can often be heard. Listen to the remarkable, unforgettable sounds of native, free ranging bull elk bugling in a Northern Wisconsin wilderness. If you've never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. We invite you to join us in Clam Lake during the month of September and experience this unique event! You won't soon forget the sounds of elk bulging as they echo through the forest and across the lakes of Northern Wisconsin!

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