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News and Events

News and Events

This week we start out on a very sad note as we send our Sincerest Sympathies to the family and many friends of Lee Reukema ,as he passed away last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bonnie, Sarah and Richard during this difficult time.......
 The next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday, November 13. Meeting at 5pm dinner at 6pm so, bake up a tasty treat and come join your friends and neighbors...
 Here are your friends and neighbors having November Birthday's:
 11-2 Richard Reukema
 11-6 Bob Bay, Patti Renzelman
 11-9 Allissa Ward
         Carl and Iona Guthman celebrate 68 years of wedded bliss
 11-10 Cody Feckner
 11-11 Ace Griffaw
 11-13 Chris Freda
 11-16 Kate Alden
 11-17 Becca Biasi
 11-18 Kari Jo Ford
 11-21 Kriss Guthman, Tom Biasi
 11-28 Mary Schier, Ron Miller
 No matter what you are celebrating, we hope it's happy!!
 Next week Chapter two of Alex Remembers....
 Until next time be kind....

Letter from U.S. Post Office Implementation Team seeking public comments on 2 potential new locations for Clam Lake Post Office.  Click here for letter.

Lynne Rice had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time as she saw 4 elk on the grounds of St. George's Chapel last Wednesday. As she pulled over the elk did not budge as they were enjoying their evening meal. Thanks Lynne for the info...

Also, a big THANK YOU to Lynne for the Scotford Snippets, they were a nice addition to the paper!!

The Next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday September 11th. Meeting at 5pm/dinner at 6pm...

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day!!

Next week September birthdays... Until next time....be kind!!

Here's a Snippet from Lynne:

My next couple of snippets will be devoted to the village of West Fork. This was what Clam Lake was known as before 1928. I am also including a photo of the Clam Lake Store from 1939. Notice the lively business The Chippewa Tavern is enjoying. Prohibition was definitely over!

First: The West Fork Company Store.....here's it's tale.

Howard Scotford not only owned the first resort in Clam Lake on Camp Fire Island, he also helped establish the first store. His Journal does not mention the Store, so it was something that came later....most likely in the late teens or early 20's. I think this was probably a venture that began after the big lumber companies had moved out. When the lumber camps were here, the early people of Clam Lake could go there for supplies. Once the camps were gone, I am sure there was a need for a store. Howard Scotford was an entrepreneur, therefore when he saw business need he tried to meet that need.

Until the late 20's, Clam Lake was not called Clam Lake. It officially became Clam Lake in 1928 when the Post Office went in. Until that time it was known as West Fork, standing for “West Fork of the Chippewa River”. So, the first store was called the West Fork Company.

On the back wall of our Post Office there is a framed paper sign. It is a sign for the West Fork Store that reads:

                                                   You Are _________ Miles      
                                                                 from the
                                                   Store on Upper Clam Lake
                                                        Where you can buy
                                                          Fresh EATS Priced
                                                         Classy            Right
                                                    Lumber and Building Supplies
                                          West Fork Company Halfmile Off Highway 77

The number of miles is blank. Possibly handwritten and faded away over the years. This sign was found by Ace Giffaw while cleaning out the old Buffalo Lake resort owned by the Zurawskis of Chicago. This resort was on what is now White Bass Lake Road, but, was once Highway M and a main thoroughfare. Possibly this sign was posted somewhere on the old Highway denoting how far one was from the nearest store.

The West Fork Company Store ran into the late 20's and then was dissolved and became the Clam Lake Mercantile run by George Deringer Sr. (whom was Hazel Scotford's uncle*) in conjunction with his store in Glidden. Howard Scotford operated our first Post Office out of the Clam Lake Mercantile until the Edward Hines Lumber Company Office was moved in and used as the Post Office building. The old Post Office building is now the Northern Post Gift Shop.

So, when shopping at the Northern Post Gift Shop you are in what was once the Hines Lumber Company Office and later the first Post Office Building in Clam Lake. You will also see a “Clam Lake Post Office” sign painted by Howard Scotford, displayed on the wall.

So in 2014 one can view a sign for our first Post Office in one of our stores and a sign for our first store in our current Post Office.

The Clam Lake (West Fork Company) Store no longer exists. The building was torn down several years ago. We now have it's modern counterpart – The Clam Lake Junction.

Highway 77 began it's life as the West Fork Road. Howard Scotford was instrumental in the development of that road and turning it into State Highway 77.

* Hazel (Taylor) Scotford's Mother was Katherine (Katie) Deringer, daughter of Louis Deringer Jr., brother to George Deringer Sr.

Community Club Minutes

 Meeting called to order by Secretary Bill MacLeod at 5:04 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, Vice President, Patricia Dudley, Treasurer, Bill MacLeod, Secretary, Julie Rubeck, Gary & Dottie   Bartholomew, John Cannon, Dan Allen, Gary Hilstrom, Lynn Rice, Andrea Krygoski, Cheryl Cofrin and Len & Joy Heinlein.
 Minutes of September 11, 2014 meeting were read. Minutes accepted as read by Andrea and seconded by Julie.
 Treasurer’s report:
  Beginning checking balance        4,914.5                                            Income
   membership dues   ------------
   donations     ------------
   misc           68.83           68.83
   bayfield Electric       139.87
   waterheater (Rubeck)      226.34
   hart publishing         20.00
   club insurance    1,679.00 2,065.21
  Ending checking balance
   building fund  2,849.32
   general fund       68.83        2,918.15
Report was accepted as presented by John and seconded by Andrea.
 Old Business:
  The position of President is still vacant and members were requested to bring to next meeting names of interested persons.
  Bud Rubeck reported Rhinelander YMCA seniors stopped at club to hear an update commentary on the Clam Lake elk herd by WI DNR. It was a spur of the moment request.
  Bud asked if a virtual tour of our facility could be done by Chris Frasch for web site and potential users. It was agreed by all present.
  Dan Allen reported Town of Gordon is working on emergency medical services which would involve some clam lake residents. Progress was noted.
  Bill reported on fire extinguisher inspection promotion on Oct 4th and said seven people attended. He and Jay Wilson agreed next years date should be in the summer when more home owners are here.
  Community Club Meeting times were reconfirmed as:        5:00 pm Board Meeting
                     5:30 pm Social time
                     6:00 pm Potluck
 New Business:
  Lynn Rice request Howard and Hazel Stafford name plaque be installed at the kiosk station in recognition as the founding couple of Clam Lake. She will order appropriate plaque and have it installed. Unanimously approved.
  Club membership fees were reviewed for 2015 and will be announced in year end report to membership mailing in November: $10.00 per adult      $25.00 family
Approved unanimously.
  A question from the floor regarding club’s policy on guns carried to meetings and functions. There was a great deal of discussion with no consensus reached. It was moved by Andrea and seconded by Bud no policy would be set at this time. Approved by all.
  The idea of a club card to be used for community recognition (sympathy, birthdays, anniversaries, get well, etc.)  was brought up by Bill to bring the club closer  to its members and residents. The general idea was accepted with Andrea offering to take on the task. Guidelines and proposed format of a card will be brought to next meeting.
 There being no further business motion was made to adjourn by Andrea and seconded by Joy.  Meeting concluded at 5:50 pm.
 Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary.

Bud Rubeck, Vice President  715 794-2479
Patricia Dudley, Treasurer  715 794-2029

Secretary Bill MacLeod  

Interested in renting club premises? Contact any officer for policy


West Fork Waterway Association Inc.

West Fork Waterway Association Inc. is a a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization of concerned people for the preservation and protection of the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. 

WFWA Inc. is on the West Fork of the Chippewa River and includes the area from the Day Lake Dam to the Highway 77 Dam. It is located in the community of Clam Lake, Township Of Gordon Wisconsin and assists the Township of Gordon in funding expenses related to the maintenance of the Highway 77 Dam.

Click Here to Help the West Fork Waterway Association Save the Dam!

Clam Lake, Wisconsin Area Events


4th of July Fireworks Show - Sat. July 4, 2015



September - Fall Elk Bugling

Elk bugling is a special feature of the fall rut usually starting in late August and running through late September in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area. As the big bull elk prepare to attract female cows, they let out bellows, which range from deep tones to high-pitch squeals to grunts. On fall nights in the Chequamegon National Forest around Clam Lake, Wisconsin, the distinctive sounds of elk rutting can often be heard. Listen to the remarkable, unforgettable sounds of native, free ranging bull elk bugling in a Northern Wisconsin wilderness. If you've never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. We invite you to join us in Clam Lake during the month of September and experience this unique event! You won't soon forget the sounds of elk bulging as they echo through the forest and across the lakes of Northern Wisconsin!

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