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  Good afternoon Readers!
 I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Monday. We are expected to cool way down by Wednesday and the cooler weather will last two weeks Yicks! I'm sure not ready for that....
 Maybe we'll be blessed with a beautiful October...
The monthly Potluck Dinner/Meeting will be held this Thursday September 11 at 5pm meeting, 6pm dinner. So, bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors!
 If you missed the RMEF Bugle Days then you missed out on a great time and the food was excellent too! You'll have to try for next year...
The next meat raffle for the Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club will be held on Saturday September 20. See Deb's Y-Go-By for a time...
 There will be an absence of articles for the next two weeks due to my knee surgery. I hope to recover soon and be back at it shortly...
 Until next time...be kind!!

Letter from U.S. Post Office Implementation Team seeking public comments on 2 potential new locations for Clam Lake Post Office.  Click here for letter.

Lynne Rice had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time as she saw 4 elk on the grounds of St. George's Chapel last Wednesday. As she pulled over the elk did not budge as they were enjoying their evening meal. Thanks Lynne for the info...

Also, a big THANK YOU to Lynne for the Scotford Snippets, they were a nice addition to the paper!!

The Next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday September 11th. Meeting at 5pm/dinner at 6pm...

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day!!

Next week September birthdays... Until next time....be kind!!

Here's a Snippet from Lynne:

In this last snippet on Camp Fire Island, I am including the cover from the 1914 season brochure for Camp. Pictured is Hazel (Taylor) Scotford, Howard’s wife, with a prize muskie. She was one of the Glidden Glamour Girls of 1908. This brochure tells how to set up arrangements for traveling to the Island and a map of the area at the time, including the train tracks coming from Grandview. This track came in from Grandview down Old Grade Road, M and then to Loretta. You could choose to come into Grandview or Glidden. Coming into Glidden meant an 18 mile ride through the woods via horse driven wagon. If you came via Grandview you could take the railcar over to be dropped off near the Island. The only downside of coming through Grandview was that your luggage may arrive later because the railcar didn’t have much room. There was no village of Clam Lake yet, only a very busy Island. The brochure details the various lakes nearby, cost of licenses and game limits and what to bring on your trip.  There are ads for fishing lures, rods and reels,  fishing line, bug “dope” and even some moccasins.  The sleeping cabins are advertised as being located apart from the kitchen and dining cabin with meals “as good as money can buy so far from civilization”. Howard remarks that the new railroad connections will materially help them have fresh eggs, butter and milk at least five days a week.  A few photos of the cabins and lakes are included. All valuable information for the Northern traveler of 1914. This brochure was printed a century ago by The Enterprise Print of Glidden Wisconsin (the modern day Hart Publishing).  Thanks to Dodo Dumanch for sharing this brochure with me.

Now onto, as they say, “the rest of the story”.

In 1936, Howard Scotford sold Camp Fire Island. He and Hazel ran it until the Depression set in and business declined. They then moved inland where Ralph and Sherri Cornell have a place on the river. Howard Scotford became Clam Lake’s first Postmaster in 1928 and held this post until 1950. At that time his son, Taylor Scotford, took over. Our third Post Master was Dodo Dumanch. She took the job after Taylor left and was our Post Master for 50 years.

As the big lumber companies left Wisconsin what was left behind was land devoid of timber. Worthless in their eyes. This was the time to buy land. The Hines Lumber Company and others were wanting to unload huge tracts of land that they considered useless. Land was selling cheap.

Howard Scotford bought much of the land surrounding the Clam Lake area and handled land sales for the Hines Lumber Company. So, begins another one of his ventures - real estate. Probably many of us can look back at the abstracts to our land and see first the name of Hines Lumber Company and then some mention of Howard Scotford. Through our land many of us will always have a connection to him.

He was one of our founding fathers and brought much to our tiny village. At one point in our history he would have been the owner of the first resort, builder and owner of the first store and our first Post Master  - all at the same time.

When you see Camp Fire Island remember his words, “all hands to Upper Clam!” The Island  is still majestic amid it’s memories.

As side notes:
Howard Scotford died in 1950, before I was born, so I never had the opportunity to know him. Hazel and him were married in the Most Precious Blood Catholic Church in Glidden in 1912 and are buried in that church’s cemetery. I have visited him there. None of the Scotfords returned to Clam Lake. The last to leave was Howard’s youngest child, Taylor Scotford. He left in 1956 and died in 2001. His two elder sisters Eileen and Lorraine preceded him on both accounts. Hazel (Taylor) Scotford spent her elderly years in Glidden with her sister and died in 1978.

Clarence Stuebe, whom worked for Howard Scotford, met his wife Virginia while she and her parents, from Chicago, were staying on Camp Fire Island. They are the parents of Joy (Stuebe) Heinlein and Tom Stuebe that still reside in Clam Lake during the summer months, almost 100 years since their father’s arrival in 1916.

Clarence and Virginia are also the Grandparents of Cher Cofrin whom resides in Clam Lake on the original Stuebe homestead that looks out to Camp Fire Island on Upper Clam.

In the 1940’s Clarence, Alfred and Walter Stuebe raised money to purchase Camp Fire Island and then gifted it to the Federal Government. Due to a fire and time, nothing remains of Camp Fire Island Resort, but, history.

USFS Day Lake Picnic Area - Clam Lake, WI - For More Info Please Click Here

What will we experience at the RMEF Bugle Days Rendezvous?

Friday Evening RMEF Campfire Social (7-9:30 PM): Enjoy a relaxing evening around the campfire on the shores of Day Lake, listening to elk bugle! Bring your favorite beverages and snacks to share with fellow RMEF members and friends.

RMEF Elk Viewing Field Trips for Volunteers (5:30 – 10:00 AM): Saturday, and Sunday early morning field trips will provide RMEF volunteers an opportunity to tour the Wisconsin elk range with DNR biologists who have successfully guided many RMEF members and elk enthusiasts within site and sound of our Wisconsin elk. Tours start at 5:30 AM and run until about 10 AM. Space is limited to 30 each day; priority is given to RMEF volunteers.

DNR/RMEF Elk Habitat Enhancement Project (11AM – 2PM): After the elk tours on Saturday, we have the opportunity to show our RMEF volunteer colors by joining the DNR volunteer work on fencing used for the elk relocation pens. Bring your work gloves! Lunch will be provided by the DNR.

Saturday Night RMEF Community Dinner and Wisconsin Elk Update (5-9PM): Join RMEF volunteers, members, the Clam Lake community – and all those who are “elk minded” for a catered dinner followed by a Wisconsin Elk Update by WI DNR Elk Biologist Laine Stowell, and WI Elk Restoration pioneer, Bernie Lemon. Learn more about the mission and accomplishments of RMEF in support of Wisconsin elk and overall elk conservation in the United States…and join in some RMEF fun!

Registration Required!

It helps us organize the work event, elk range tours and meals. The fastest way to register is to go to www.rmefwisconsin.org and click on the RMEF Bugle Days Rendezvous link.

You can also Email your registration to Jennifer.Nieland@yahoo.com. Or call Jennifer (WI State RMEF Chair) at 920-434-1229 (H) or 920-639-1850 (cell) with any questions or to register.

**Registration by September 1 is appreciated. In order to plan for the best elk field experience possible, DNR hosted elk tours recommend 30 people per tour, per day.**


Community Club Minutes


July 14, 2014
Regular Meeting and Potluck

Meeting called to order by President Andrea Krygoski at 5:00 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck Vice President, Patricia Dudley Treasurer, Bill MacLeod Secretary, Jane Eder, Ron Vecchie, Julie Rubeck, Georgiana Fanella. Potluck: John Cannon, Radha Paramaysvri, Bob and Karen Schmidt, Tom Dezotell,Jean and Carl Kubley, Jen Scherschel and Gary Hillstrom.

Minutes of July 10th secretary’s report waived by motion of Bud Rubeck and seconded by Patricia Dudley.

Treasurer reported no membership income and after expenses:
 $3,786.52 Building Fund
 1,554.00 General Fund
 152.39 Fireworks Fund

Motion made by Bud Rubeck and seconded by Bill MacLeod to accept report.

Old Business:

Andrea reported there are 48 prizes for the chinese raffle held this Saturday at the August Fest and presented a work schedule for volunteers. It was decided to have the wheel this year in hopes of raising additional funds.

Secretary was approved to write a follow up letter to Doug Thorp Chairman Town of Gordon and Shaun Bonney Chairman Town of Shanagolden requesting an update of their progress contracting with the Great Divide Ambulance service. Motion made by John Cannon and seconded by Georgiana Fanella.

Board gave permission to join with Namakagon Fire Department on a agreed upon date in October to hold a fire extinguisher clinic at the community club by Jay Wilson, Protective Services, Hayward. Secretary will report back finalized date and times.

Andrea said new curtains for clubhouse will be installed by Jim and herself this coming week.

New Business:

Roger Anderson submitted a request for the clubhouse August 22, 2015. Moved by Bud Rubeck and seconded by Bill MacLeod to accept request.

Pat Dudley recommended a $100.00 donation to the Men’s Fellowship of Glidden for the use of their tent for August Fest. Moved by Georgiana Fanella and seconded by John Cannon.

In a surprise move, Andrea Krygoski submitted her written resignation as president of the Clam Lake Community Club, Inc. to board members as of September 2014 for health reasons. No action was taken.

Bud Rubeck made a motion to adjourn at 5:28 pm seconded by Pat Dudley. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Bill MacLeod Secretary

Andrea Krygoski, President  715 794-2343
Bud Rubeck, Vice President  715 794-2479
Patricia Dudley, Treasurer  715 794-2029  
Jane Eder, Secretary   715 794-2440

Interested in renting club premises? Contact any officer for policy


West Fork Waterway Association Inc.

West Fork Waterway Association Inc. is a a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization of concerned people for the preservation and protection of the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. 

WFWA Inc. is on the West Fork of the Chippewa River and includes the area from the Day Lake Dam to the Highway 77 Dam. It is located in the community of Clam Lake, Township Of Gordon Wisconsin and assists the Township of Gordon in funding expenses related to the maintenance of the Highway 77 Dam.

Click Here to Help the West Fork Waterway Association Save the Dam!

Clam Lake, Wisconsin Area Events


4th of July Fireworks Show - Sat. July 5, 2014



September - Fall Elk Bugling

Elk bugling is a special feature of the fall rut usually starting in late August and running through late September in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area. As the big bull elk prepare to attract female cows, they let out bellows, which range from deep tones to high-pitch squeals to grunts. On fall nights in the Chequamegon National Forest around Clam Lake, Wisconsin, the distinctive sounds of elk rutting can often be heard. Listen to the remarkable, unforgettable sounds of native, free ranging bull elk bugling in a Northern Wisconsin wilderness. If you've never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. We invite you to join us in Clam Lake during the month of September and experience this unique event! You won't soon forget the sounds of elk bulging as they echo through the forest and across the lakes of Northern Wisconsin!

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