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Clam Lake News

We start out on a sad note as we have learned of the passing of Don Beyer. Our Sincerest Sympathies to Don's family and his many Clam Lake friends. If you would like to send a card you can send it to his daughter Connie. Here is her address: Connie Lipari, 4424 Meadow Drive   Racine, WI 53402
 Deb's Y-Go-By  will be closing for a month for Spring cleaning beginning March 29, they will reopen their watering hole on April 28.
 A belated birthday wish goes out to Barb Cook who celebrated her day on March 13th. Happy Birthday Barb!!!
 The next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday April 9th at 5pm. So, bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors for a fun evening. Good food and better company...
 As we head into April next week we will be thinking about Easter dinner and that lucky child who finds their Easter Basket first. So, if you are traveling, drive safe and watch out for Bambi.....
 I have Daylilies coming up so think Spring!
 Until next time...be kind!!

Here's a Snippet from Lynne:

After taking a bit of a break, I am once again returning to my historical snippets. I will jump around a bit, revisiting things from old Community Club records and correspondence that detail the events that were taking place in Clam Lake during various eras.

Here we go!

In the 50's and 60's the Community Club had a very active group of members who had a real spirit of fun. Although dances were common at the various parties over the years, this particular group, headed by Jack Dumanch, (President) held square dances. Here is an article from a March 1961 paper about one such event:


“It's lady down and bow to the gent, first gentleman down and dosy do.” It was a Virginia reel at the Clam Lake Community's “Hard Time” dance and pot-luck supper given on Sunday, March 5th at the Community hall beginning at 5:30 o'clock.

After a fine supper, the March meeting of the Community Club was called to order by President Jack Dumanch. The meeting was then turned over to Clarence Day, a guest from Ashland, who introduced Judge Cate, also from Ashland, who is running for re-election. The Judge then addressed the meeting.

After the meeting, dancing was in order. Some members had come dressed as hoboes and hillbillys and their costumes added gaiety to the evening's entertainment. A Virginia reel in which the children took part, regular dancing, and community singing were features of the evening.

It was finally “that time” again, and everyone went home. Thus ended another good “family get together” at the Clam Lake Community Hall.

The Club secretary, talking of the evening, says the meeting was adjourned and an enjoyable evening of dancing and laughing over the many Hobo costumes was had. Good times!

I will include a photo taken of some of the participants. Looks like fun!

Community Club Minutes

March 14, 2015
Regular Meeting and St. Patrick’s Dinner

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/treasurer at 4:20 pm. In attendance for event: John Cannon, Rahda Paramaysuri, Cheryl Cofrin, Ace & Joan Giffaw, Pat Dudley, Andrea Krygoski, Jen Schenshel, Rick & Chris Guthman, Lynne Rice, Jane Eder, Jill & Matthew Markee, Jackie Eder Fiecke, Dodo Dumanch, Tom & Gail McDonnell, Tom Dezotell and Bill MacLeod.

Minutes of February 13th meeting were read. Moved and seconded by Andrea Krygoski and John Cannon and approved by all.

Minutes of March 12th Special Meeting to Elect Officers to Vacant Positions were read. Elected slate of officers are Bud Rubeck, President and Ace Griffaw, Vice President. Bill MacLeod remains Secretary/Treasurer. Andrea Krygoski and Brian Horsman were elected Directors until 9/2016. Moved and seconded by Chris Guthman and Ace Griffaw and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:
  Checking account balance (2/13/15)   $ 6,068.43
    adjustment  (-$27.02)      6,041.41
  Membership     490.00
  Donations       40.00
  Bayfield Electric      93.49
  Northern Lakes Coop   325.75
  Advance Printing    125.55
  US Post Office      34.00
  Additional SBD checks  14.11
  Advance Printing      26.38
  St. Patrick’s Dinner     87.37

  Checking account balance (3/14/15)   $ 5,864.76

   Building Fund 2,596.17
   Fire Works     255.00
   General Fund 3,013.59

  2015 Memberships     105
          Dues   2,150
          Donations  2,060

The report was moved and seconded by John Cannon and Patricia Dudley and approved by all.

Old Business:
 Bill reported he had spoken with Chuck Aubart concerning a whole hog roast in August and will report back to club when he receives a quote. Tom Dezotell will check with someone in Cable and report back to club.

 An update on the ambulance substation in Clam Lake Area can be found in latest Glidden Enterprise attendees were informed.
New Business:
The August Fest date has been changed from the third Saturday of the month to the second Saturday, August 8th due to conflicting events. Moved and seconded by John Cannon and Andrea Krygoski and approved by all.
Andrea reported note cards had been sent to Beverly Vadnais and Tom Dezotell.

There being no further business to conduct it was moved by Andrea Krygoski and seconded by Cheryl Cofrin to adjourn at 5:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod Secretary/Treasurer

West Fork Waterway Association Inc.

West Fork Waterway Association Inc. is a a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization of concerned people for the preservation and protection of the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. 

WFWA Inc. is on the West Fork of the Chippewa River and includes the area from the Day Lake Dam to the Highway 77 Dam. It is located in the community of Clam Lake, Township Of Gordon Wisconsin and assists the Township of Gordon in funding expenses related to the maintenance of the Highway 77 Dam.

Click Here to Help the West Fork Waterway Association Save the Dam!

Clam Lake, Wisconsin Area Events


4th of July Fireworks Show - Sat. July 4, 2015



September - Fall Elk Bugling

Elk bugling is a special feature of the fall rut usually starting in late August and running through late September in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area. As the big bull elk prepare to attract female cows, they let out bellows, which range from deep tones to high-pitch squeals to grunts. On fall nights in the Chequamegon National Forest around Clam Lake, Wisconsin, the distinctive sounds of elk rutting can often be heard. Listen to the remarkable, unforgettable sounds of native, free ranging bull elk bugling in a Northern Wisconsin wilderness. If you've never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. We invite you to join us in Clam Lake during the month of September and experience this unique event! You won't soon forget the sounds of elk bulging as they echo through the forest and across the lakes of Northern Wisconsin!

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